Divorce Issues (US and India)

• Vikram, a Hindu wanted to marry Mary, a Christian. • Mary’s parents objected because Vikram was a Hindu. • Vikram got converted to Christianity and married Mary. • After 6 months, it turns out that Mary was in fact insane as their relationship got strained. • Vikram gets a Decree of Nullity from the Eparchial Tribunal. • Distressed and disenchanted, I, a distant cousin of Vikram’s, developed an intimate relation with him. • Vikram and I wanted to marry but the Hindu Law applicable to me did not allow marriage. • So I got converted to Christianity. • Vikram and me, after getting dispensation from the Bishop, get married in a church under the Christian Law. • After one year, I became aware of the fact that Vikram was impotent. • Concurrently, Vikram decides to the US of A as a migrant. • He wanted me to go with him to the US but I refused as I was furious and felt cheated. • Vikram migrates to US and after a year obtains an order of divorce from an American Court on the ground of desertion. • I even denied its jurisdiction on its notice to grant divorce but still the Court grants it. • Thereafter, Vikram marries Nancy, an American citizen. • I fumed on hearing this and kicked off criminal prosecution against Vikram. I also pleaded for maintenance. • The trial court finds Vikram guilty of bigamy and also grants maintenance to me. • Vikram now challenges the Trial Court decision and I am the respondent. What can I do in this situation? Please help! On what grounds can I argue?