Money credit from a fradulent bank identified account

Mr T has given amount of Rs. 45,999/- vide Cheque. dated 28.09.2013 to Mr X and Rs. 4,987/- vide cheque dt. 05.10.2013. to Mr X. Subsequently T had given an amount of Rs. 47,777/- vide cheque No. dt. 24.01.2014 to Mr Y. X & Y are relatives of Mr K where K & T are colleagues working together in same bank.Loan were lent on the request from from Mr K. Later K, from the account Mr Y Rs. 35,777/- was credited into an HUF Account in which mr T is coparcenor on 04.09.2014 via cheque and Rs. 14,000/- was credited on 03.12.2014 via ATM Tranfer from Mr X account. On 20.5.2015 it was found that X,Y &Z( account of MR K )is a fraudulent account which is identified by bank & Mr K is behind bars for fradulous activity from May 2015.Jusify the transactions & why such odd amounts were given as loan instead of round amounts for T support. Since bank internal investigation is there, they are pressurizing T for earlier transactions done in 2013-2014.T working for bank in present context.Due to some kind of activity by K ,K is behind bars & accounts of K & his relatives X & Y are identified as fraudulent by the bank in the investigation by police & bank jointly.There is nothing more involved in the transaction, it is simply amount lent as loan which has to be repaid a later point of time basing on the request of K