Father's property

My father has two son aged 40&42 myself42 . My father has two shops, he has rented one shop and using another for himself since 40 years.We both brothers had done several business but failed. Now from past 2 years my father kept my yonger brother along with him and give salary to him, at that time I kept on struggling for my separate business. But niw after two years I fail too. Then I asked my father to help me, he asked me to join along with him and my younger brother. Knowing this my brother immediately argued and pushed ne out with slogan ?? ????? ???? ?? ???????? ?????? ???? ??? ????? ??? ?? and my father didn't say a single word. Now when I asked to give the other shop to me to florish my business, he denied stating that I am not giving you till 4 to 5 years. Now I've announced that I am now take that shop for my own business. Stop me if you can..........Now suggest me that is there any law regarding this authority of shop (we all are living together in my father's property, floor wise)