Ipc 354d details

Hi Sir, One of my friend has put me a case against me on IPC 354D. we both were talking and chatting since 3 years. All of sudden her husband got to know so she got reversed and filed case aganist me in PS. Police investiagted further they said that we have deleted all messages and sms which i sent. So police just files charge sheet by taking both of them statements without any proofs. They just have 10 messages which i sent latest messages where i just asked where can we meet or if you are not willing then i only come to your home. no harassment messages are available with here nor i didnt send any. So i need to close this case ASAP as i have to go to onsite. I have all call evidences for last 12 months where i called here 10 times and she also called me for 5 to 6 times. but in complaint she said that from past 3 years i have been harassing her. They said they dont have any proofs for the same. SO how can i prove my self? what and all proofs they required to show infront of judge? Can i file cross case against them? If yes when to do? Pleas advice.