Partition of property among siblings

Your question was Hello sir, My name is praveen k p writing this for getting some assistance on a problem related to partition of my grand father?s property. my grandfather had 6cents of land and he have 3 children including my father n two daughters. He passed away a few years before n left his wife and children as the legal heirs. before he die he had given another property to his elder daughter without any consideration.the plot had been given to him as a gift by a relative. two of the daughters were living with their husbands when he passed away. before he die he lent some money from a local co operative bank for his elder daughetrs purpose for that we dont have any supporting proof. this was kept secret with them. He orally gave my father a word that the property is yours but he failed to get it materialized. my father has no personal savings. as he spent all his money on building home in the prescribed plot by keeping his fathers word in mind, that the property will be mine so he failed to create supporting documents to prove the house is built by him. years passed one day a notice from co op bank came and it stated that we will attach your home for not repaying the loan which your father had took from us. only my father took responsibility to solve the problem by means of selling my mothers ornaments n outside borrowings. But couldnt retrieve the document which pledged at bank due to non co operation from his sisters. it is still with the bank. two years back my grandmother too passed away. after one month of her demise the greedy daughters approached court for a settlement of their fathers property. this shows their cunning attitude towards the issue. now they are asking for equal share and share for future profit arise.out of the property. my questions are 1. Do we have any possibility to get better settlement other than 1/3rd? 2. is there any need to pay rent to them for the period from the date of.demise of my grandmother? 3. Can we claim for the amount spent by my father on building house..? 4. can we gain the advantage of repaying  the loan which to show our interest and their non interest in the property while it was under dispute? 5. Can we settle the elder daughter with the old gift which my grandfather gave to her?