Pesonal Loan problem.

Dear Sir/Madam, My wife had taken a personal loan from fullerton India in Kolkata on Aug 2013. The loan amount was 78,000 rupees for 48 months and she has already paid 19 EMI. From last feb 2015 she was unable to pay rest of the EMI due to bad financial condition. The bank recovery agents called us severel time and they also visited our said address but, We told them that right now we are unable to pay you the emi and dues we will continue the emi from september. But they don't want hear from us, also they have insulted and abused us through phone. ''Today, I got a call from a lady and she said that I am calling from fullerton India legal department and your wife is not paying the emi of her loan from last 5 months and we sent you a summon in your wife's name...I stoped her and asked her that we did'nt received any summon still now...But, she said we don't know a warrant will issue soon and your wife get arrested soon and then she hung up the phone'' I just wanted to know it is possible without any prior bank notice can bank send direct summon to my wife ? And I little bit scared also in this matter. Your advise is highly appreciated. I look forward to hear you soon.