Property rights..guidance pls

Hello,my grandad died 2 yrs our father died at a very young age we used to stay with our grandad..he had some property which he got from some 3rd party along wid d house we were staying for wich he has done an rtc in which major portion will be in my moms name and rest in his 4 daughters and 1 sons name as we were d only ones who looked after him wen he was sick and my mother spent every penny she had from dads life insurance policy for his one supported us..nw d daughters and sons are asking for equal share and finally after an agreement from both d parties as per d court order everyone has got equal share inNd agreement but der is some problem regarding rtc..we have applied for my grandmas death certificate who died long back without wich d house rtc wont be in my moms question is how mucj time will it take to get my grandmas death certificate and how much time will it take to get d house rtc once we get d death certificate..another question is dat can a daughter in law fight for d property rights (we r financially unstable) so dat she can get d share as written in d father in laws will..if so will it take many yrs..