Cheating case

I am from Hyderabad. I need your suggestion on this case. One of my friend is doing business in commodities market (share market). On day he gave me an offer, if I give him some amount, he would invest on my behalf and give me monthly some amount. I felt it is profitable and since he is my close friend, I trusted him and gave him Rs 50,000/- He also gave me offer paper with cheque of Rs 50,000/- He said that I can take my money back at any time, just I've to infirm him a week before. Everything was fine for 2-3 months. Then he stopped giving me money and avoiding my calls. Its been 3 years now and I could recover Rs 34,000/- from him. He gave me these amount in bits and pieces and I had to visit his house every month to get the money. Now, he is away from his home. No body knows where he is. I got to know that he is sifted to Bangalore. He didn't give his contact details to anyone. Even his parents are behaving as if they have no relation with him anymore. I am thinking to give PS complaint to put pressure on him. I want either of two things. One he give my money back or face a criminal charges. So, that in future if he applied for any visa or bg verification, it should show that he has criminal record. Please let me know what do you suggest me to do.