Related to service contract between employer and employee.

Dear sir/madam, I joined one defence PSU company in Dec.2014 At the time of joining it was mentioned in the appointment letter that YOU ARE REQUIRED TO STATE IN WRITING WHETHER YOU HAVE APPLIED FOR APPOINTMENT ELSEWHERE,IF YOU HAVE, YOU MUST ARRENGE TO WITHDRAW ALL SUCH APPLICATIONS IMMEDIATELY,ENDORSING COPIES OF ALL SUCH COMMUNICATION TO US FORE RECORD. I also executed service contract to serve the company for three years,having bond amount of 3lakhs. Before joining to this PSU I had applied in other govt. Organisation and all recruitment process had been completed except issue of appointment Letter.And i did not give any declaration regarding this.Now after six month i have got appointment letter and willing to join it. I requested to my PSU company to transfer the bond to my future employer mentioning that they are ready to accept the transfer of bond but my company refused to transfer the bond and asking me to pay the bond. As per DPE guidelines bond can be transfered from one government organisation to other organisation.I am thinking to go in court against them but also in doubt that my case will be very weak as I failed to give declaration about having applied in other govt.organisation for appointment. Please suggest me on this matter. Thank you.