Can we approach Join collector while the case is High court.

Sir, One of my neighbors had forged an unregistered agreement and got the Passbooks by managing MRO based on ROR Act (There was no inquiry, NOC from us) We approached the local Kota court & Gudur court where our petitions was dismissed as our lawyers failed to convince the court. On both occasions, there didn't take any direction from the court to do inquiry. Since court had dismissed our petition, we went to High court of Andhra Pradesh and the case yet to come for hearing. Meanwhile, one of the known laywer advised us to Approach Join collector of Nellore. When we approach Joint collector he told us that he could involve on this as he has come special permission. But today the opponent layer has submitted few judgement copies which oppose the involvement of Joint collector while the the case is under High court. So I wanted to know whether Joint Collector has any special rights to inquire and cancel the Passbooks when the case is filled at High court or not. If yes. Is there any Judgement copies / Sections which confirm that. Please note: The case didn't come for hearing at High court, Hyderabad. I would be greatful to if you could help me on this issue.