getting a job in a nationalised bank during trial of 498A case

Serious case study: Govt Job during pendency of trial 498(A) 1. A person working in a central govt job under Min. of Defence ( armed force personnel) 2. wife lodge 498(A) vide a private complaint 156(3) 3. No arrest, bail obtained from lower court after 498(A) was lodged , 4. Police did not inform the matter to Def. Minintry ( Office) 5. Accuse Voluntarily inform this matter to Department . No disciplinery action taken from office. 6. police forward charge sheet within 2 months to Lower Court. 7. Two appearance date done in court 8. Charge is not framed yet. 9. Now the accuse got a better job offer in a Nationalised Bank. he wishes to leave Defence Min Job( transferable ) to join Bank Job at home town. 10. what complication may arise in his employment with Nationalise Bank in regards to this false 498(A) case. specially police verification and self affidavit to Bank 11. how can a private complain may ruin some potential job aspirant's remaining professional life ? 12. what Hon Court thinks about such issue with respect to individual's constitutional right about - " Right to equality before law" and "Right to liberty to life"