Mental torture ,domestic violence and dowry harassment

I was married 2yrs before with an assurance that my in-laws will let me study after marriage and vl let me do job as these were basic things y i got ready fr marriage but soon after d mrg they didnt let me go to my institute where i ws studying nd evn didnt allow to send me my resume fr any interview. They wer always taunting me fr dowry nt directly on d name of it but by saying dat my frnd has got dis in mrg nd sm othr hs been given dis nd dat. Wen after 1mnth of mrg i got pregnant my husband hs tried various acts of domestic violence nd mental torture...he nd his parents hav abused me nd my family in vulgar languages nd hav tried twice to kill me wen i was pregnant they brought poison nd pour talc on the stairs bt i smhw managed my i hv one daughter bt still evrythng z same.. becoz of her i was quiet expecting evrythng nd dem to be fine one day..but even after two yrs of mrg nthng has chnged dey evn dnt allow me to step out of the house nd talk to any1 nd wenevr i need smthng dey say that bring frm ur maternal home..let it b clothes,eatables or daily neccessities .he always wantd divorce nd Wenevr i cm to my house he asks fr divorce nd says nt to cm here(husband's house) again. Now my patience level hs totally turned to zero.he hs sent me papers fr the dissolution of marriage nd hs falsely accused me in his petition..i also dnt want to go back dere othrwise dey vl kill me wat shud i do plss tell.