Not providing full and final and asking for recovery

Dear sir , I was working in a reputed construction company on permanent rolls for 5 years. In feb 2015 my project got over in pune . I was not provided any further instructions for posting . I applied for leave of 7 days . On 9 th march 2015 , The Hr manager called me and asked me to resign . I asked for the reasons but not answered . I was not given any order for posting , communications. I wrote to higher authorities but no answer. on 2 Apr 2015 i received letter of separation stating i was on leave with no reason. Till Now when i asked them for Full and final they have produced a forged sheet in which i was put absent for 14 days, showing me absconding, Asking me to recover the notice period salary. Here from 9 march 2015 to 29 march 2015 , i was not provided any formal orders for termination/ transfer/ nothing just threaten to resign verbally. The GM wanted to replace me with some one. I refused for that, finding no other solution he send "Letter of seperation" stating i was absent from duty . How can one person be absent when the project site is finished and handovered and there in no staff , no place to stay They are trying to recover the salary for 14 days in march , where i did not have any orders where to go , , the site was over , i was at home informing formally. Please help me what to do.