Stupid rule of the society

I have my own house and have been living here since last 2 and half yrs..till last month bldg was under now society has concern is that since last two days they have created a havoc in the society n behaving like a dictator...i have a parking bt the tenants dont have it...tenants bike n cars are taken out of the bldg saying that tenants are not allowed to park inside the primises ..and the rule which is irritating me is that our bldg has two doors..n people used the door which was near to their now people have stuck some plastic stickers saying that from 1 door u should enter and the other door is to be used for exit...n this thing they have made compulsory..i dont know what to do..i m not liking the thing ...why would anybody do that..and once i had exit from the entry door which is near to my bldg ; a mam told me that i will have to pay fine of rs500..i mean why shud i pay fine for using my bldg gates...this is sheer dictatorship...i dont know what to do...what shud i tell them?