354 A & Previous False rape case with same girl

Dear Sir / Madam, I'm accused of 354 A and next court date for girl statement . please advice of how can stop the girl statement this date and extend for next date because I want to appeal against charges before girl statement done in court . please advise us any procedure for this issue. Regards Rahul Previous case - 376 My name is Rahul. I want to discuss with you regarding false rape case because i have spent 9 month's in Tihar Jail . But Now my case is finish. but who's responsible for my carrier loss, my money loss, my job loss, and spent very difficult time in jail. Brief case :- My girlfriend register Rape FIR against me but after 9 month's girl come for statement and girl says i was register case because NGO said to girl if u want to make a strong case so mandatory write a rape allegation. plz tell me who's responsible for this case :- Girl/Delhi Police/ NGO . Suggest me what can i do ? my life and my family life is running very difficult . plz help me and answer me as soon as possible. can possible girl appeal agianst accuital order but now complete 4 month's of order. Regards Rahul