Reserved parking

I have purchased a flat in south delhi, this is second foor with terrace rights, I also have reserved parking in front of the house, there is space for only two car and second car parking rights are with ground floor. There is small court yard at ground floor such that if cars are parked, half of the car will be inside the premises and half will be out. The court yard have been covered by ground floor people to put small plants etc. and they part their card outside the house in horizontal position to fully occupy the space. The extract of cluase in the sale deed is as below: " That the vendor has provided one car parking in court yard on ground floor of the said property without any objection of the others" The question I have is: 1. can ground floor refuse parking to me basis above fact 2. What remedy do I have in case they refuse, If I take legal action what will be the view of court and time to get a judgement 3. Can basement occupant create problem saying no one can have rights on the road to park