What all i can do for false allegations made by wife before court

Hello there, i am a muslim guy from kerala. i married on may 2018 and life was full happy and a great married life.in bet ween she been pregnant and on the 6 th month of pregnancy she got a govt job. on her 7th month checkup it leaded a premature delivery on 15 th may 2019, because of chords rounded on neck of baby and his breath level down.wife geta high bp too. after 2 months, one month in hospital and another one month a flat near hospital. we came to my home .after then,on 3rd day her parents came my home and took her and baby for further rest. after 4 days,when i tried to visit them her parents tried to abuse me and my parents and blame for unknown reasons like that i didnt care about her. the fact that me always took care of her needs.and spent a huge money on hospital(its my duty for my wife and son,anyway) .but her parents always spread news and allegations on me like i never spend any penny and didnt look her. i tried all the way to bring them back with help of family members, by committee members in mosque ,via waqf board.and by local police. on a family mediation talk with both family her brother hit me and mediation gone wrong. after so much of ways to see them they always used to harrass me and avoid to see my wife and son. and my wife she too changed a lot and turned against me without any valid reason. i filed a harji on family court regarding muhammeden section 281 family law sec. 7. and another one for my baby guardian and wards act section 7 to 10,12,17,25 and family law section 7 ,this happens on december 2019. the court started noticing and they never came to court afterwards. they always try to lie with lawyer with silly reasons. on march 2020 they filed a divorce case and summons against me with section 2 in dissolution of muslim marriages act 1939, ii,iv,viii a,d,f. and attached my property belongs to my father and asks a huge compensation.. actually it was all a game play from them she almost took all the stuffs belong to her before she gone.and other stuffs she asked with family and i have given. but on the case against me they say they took and payed the flat and hospital bills. i tried to kill her and that way her stiches been restured. what the fact is i have all the bills and hospital records. what i coudnt understand is that they try to hide my son and never try to see my baby. its been getting a year that i seen my baby. they always try to negotiate with my baby. as a muslim i pray every 5times in a day. and dont know what to do with this situation. as the corona case increases in state the court coudnt force the parties to come. they make a positivity in that. in between so much of incidents happen.but the truth is i never ever do no cruelty on woman (i too habe a mother and sister).even me and wife havnt any small fights in real life. I have replied to court as i got the summens with all the facts. And filed an interim application to get see my baby. What all i can do next atleast to get my baby or see hm