Tenancy right

My parents purchased room in chawl on pagdi system for tenant & after then my father died. Upon death, my mother paid some amount to Landlord to trf rent receipt in my brother name. My brother also expired in 1972, since then landlord never transferred rent receipt. Landlord is issuing rent receipt in my deceased brother name till date. We are 2 brother & 3 sister. then I got married in 1975 & i shifted. since then my mother & 2 sister use to stay. My mother passed away, & my 1 sister also passed away in 2002. Since 2002, i am only taking care of my only sister who was alive. I use to pay rent to the landlord. This sister also died in Dec 2019; & we were having possession of the said room. We understood that landlord is trying to evict us, so i asked my elder son to stay there with his family. But when my son gone for job, grand son went to college & daughter-in-law has gone out, landlord brought some 8 ladies, & broke out our lock, thrown out all our household things & took forcefully possession. I am the only legal heir who is alive. Can i claim the tenancy right.