Wife doing suicide attempts repeatedly on silly topics

Hi Pls help me, We got married in 2017, since then I am seeing her unpredictable behaviour. Sometimes she fights a lot, some times she runs away from home for 2-3 hrs. Now from 6-7 months she has attempted suicide by hanging herself, by trying cutting her hand by knife, switching on gas in kitchen and then close herself inside, and sometimes she just throw household items and break them And sometimes hit me very hard. After consulting a lawyer I started audio recording, video recoding, photos etc. I have photos of myself with hitting marks. Now we are only living together in a rented house and rent agreement is with her name. There is no family member from either side now residing with us. She also goes office daily and I also go. 1. Now for filing divorce petition, may lawyer is suggesting me not to go with Police complaint or FIR, but to direct file the case in court with all the proofs. He is saying if I go with police complaint, she will get to know and then she will also file lot of false cases on me, which will make the case complicated. Please let me know what to do in this case? 2. Lawyer is suggesting that, we will plan the summon and directly handover the summon to her through a guy and also send summon on WhatsApp and email. Then same day I shall leave the house. Now I am afraid that what if she does suicide after getting the summon. It this the correct way to escape. 3. We also own a common property with both of our names , have no children so far. Home loan emi not yet started and she is working in a psu permanent job. What are the chances of alimony?