Can a Employees House Building Society cancel the allotment of plot on grounds of non implementation

I have been allotted a plot by Employees House building Mutually Aidded Cooperative Society in 2008. I have paid the total sale consideration and the deed of conveyance (sale deed) was executed in December 2013. Possession of the plot was handed over on the same day. As per bye laws of the Society, a condition was stipulated that the allottee has to take up construction of house within two years of sale deed and in case of delay, extension of time shall be taken from the Society. However, no condition was stipulated in the sale deed to this effect. The sale deed does not specifically mention anything about the time limit for construction but a saving clause that the plot shall be used only for residential purpose and the terms and conditions stiuplated in the allotment letter dt.9.11.2008. The allotmet letter also does not specify any time limit for construction of house in the plot. As I have retired from the services, I could not take up construction. Now the Society has issued me a show cause notice threatening to cancel the allotment and resume the plot stating that I have violated the bye laws of the Society by not taking up construction. Please offer your valued opinion whether 1. The Society cancel the allotment once the sale deed is executed and registered? 2. Whether the Sub Registrar can register any cancellation deed? 3. Whether the Society can cancel the allotment on grounds of not taking up construction of house within a stipulated time that was not mentioned either in the allotment letter or the sale deed? Regards