Which documnet do I need to sell the house as my Dad dies intestate

1) My Father (Govt. pensioner) died intestate in 2005 2) We have got death certificate 3) Also got Legal Heir Certificate (LHC) from MRO that states 'This certificate is valid only for the purpose of Pensionery benefits and other bank claims of the deceased only and not for another civil litigations'. This is LHC only and not Family Member Certificate 4) We are 4 legal heirs including my mother 5) Mother is getting pension since 2005 6) Brother sold an Apartment in 2006 that was also in my father's name without any problem 7) Now we have an independent house in my father's name and want sell it off 8) My Question is 'Which document do we need to sell the property? LHC issued by court or Succession Certificate or Letter of administration 9) One Advocate says ' Need fresh LHC from court as it is a new rule since 2012' (as the LHC issued by MRO is not valid for the purpose) 10) Another Advocate says ' Need Succession O.P.' 11) I see lot of differences of opinion among the advocates on Kaanoon website itself. 12) Request you all to provide authentic guidance. Thanks in advance to you all for helping me out