Employee Non payment of salary

Hi, We are working in a US based Pvt. ltd company in Ahmedabad. We are suffering here from salary issues. We have delay of salary of almost 5 to 6 months. Which is unacceptable in any condition. PF of almost more than 6 months of every single employee is pending to be submitted and when we go to ask them for the reason of delay of salary of 6 months and not submitting PF. They serve us the excuse of improper work (output) for the delay of the salary. Still they bully the employees instead of giving the patience and condolence. Every single employee is going through immense depression and humiliation in the place. Some do not have money for the vaccination of newly born child. Some do not have pending EMI of home loan of 6 to 7 months. Bachelors from out states who are living on PG or rent cannot pay the rent to the home owner. They don't eat full meal because of the lack of the money. All have to take debt for the basic needs from the friend and relatives. No body can fulfill the basic needs here. Our company's owner (Director)and 2 additional directors are foreign citizens. We don't know we can take action against them by the Indian Jurisdiction or not? Please provide some crystal clear guidance for the issue.