Wife and family member threatening

Hi, I got married last year and she stayed only for 2 months and it is more than 1 year she is not here. Day we got married she demanding very time my salary and one time she asked me to take a loan for her beneficial and i said we both can join and take a loan and she had a first fight and went to her parents home and resign the job. In evening when i called her she replied only she will return to my home if my parents are no more either i have to kick them out or they should die. I immediately brought this attitude to relatives and after lot of discussion she came back after 1 month and later again she stayed only for 10 days and second fight asking for money from me and my parents. If he deny she will abuse and start threatening us saying we have to see the consequence. Her demands is my full salary and i have to leave my parents and also i should not spend money for my parents. It has been 1 yr no contact and she send a legal notice with false allegations and i replied saying we will be contesting it by filing divorce now she filed a case in court with Divorce , Domestic voilence and huge amount of maintance and ailomony.