Mental and health is affected

My brother had love marriage. Since the marriage, she always find a way to fight over smallest things but we thought it is ok, she is new and might be adjust in the family,,,slowly, even she didn't wash her own clothes, my mother does. She is a working women, If she wants, she does the household work otherwise she doesn't, we never make her do the things. But she never said she didn't want to do work instead she cried and make chaos and taunting him that i do all the work and show other family members that its Sunday and I'll do the work. Mon-sat she is in office and on Sunday these type of things happen. She always do back bitching of my brother to us and vice versa and when we react and fight with each other, and my brother yelled at us you Said this to my wife, when we asked her when we said it to you, she always said I didn't say anything. She always makes us fight by twisting the things. Slowly slowly, what she did at our back, she started to do the things at front. Then, we decided and to things calm down, we maintained a distance because she complained about privacy. Last year, i completed my course and came back home, she stopped talking to me, i didn't get it bcz when i was out of town we were in contact. From then my brother regularly fight with me and he also stopped talking to me. At the starting of the 2020, she constantly from 3 months, she fought with my brother and provoked him against me over a olive oil by saying that I am not showing her what i eat, she stopped talking to me but kept a eye on me. She made it that big that i got beaten and verbally abused by my family,,she made the chaoes ou of that silly thing from 3 months and in march, this incident happened and from the next day she became normal, and started doing the household work and started talk to everyone sweetly except me. Then because of mentally pressure i got sick and got anxiety attacks and i got bed ridden, then my parents started taking care of me and she became jealous again and started doing same things to my parents too what she did to me. Then, my parents too maintained a distance with her. She also tried to make chaos of it that noone came to my room, if anyone went to her room and answer her any question then she also made a chaos out of it. This is a mentally torture and she takes advantage of our understanding. Now she is pregnant, her sister is here and again she misbehaved with my mother when mother tried to sort these things out by asking her sister. She again made her husband insult us and she also misbehaved in front of her sister, my health and my mother is not in good state,,, this full year, I was bed ridden, my mom also got sick. She lied to my mother that doctor told her to get bed rest. What should we do? She lied, misbehaved,, mentally torchured us.