Harrestment by wife

My age is 60year and my wife's age is 74 year. From the beginning of marriage she use to dominate me. She is a x-employ of ecil. I use to do clothes business at home. What ever use to get it i would handover to her. We bought a land when she was working which was took on her name. I had no objection. Later she took VRS. And we constructed a house. And that house has been sold to marry my daughter. In which some amount was leftover. I use to do small finance business for which my daughter gave me some amount to rotate. Later I took a land and constructed a house on it. My wife started harassing me saying its all my money so register the house on my name. But to b frank my wife money was kept in finance and I was giving her interest too. When I asked my daughter she said its better to name on her rather getting harassed by her. So I immediately named the property on her. Which she again sold 3times more price then what she has given to me. Now after few years she again started harassing me that I have taken away all her money and she want it back. She uses very vulgar language. Scolds me, my daughter, mother, sisters, brothers their wife and daughters took. How can I face her.