Should i wait for the response of wait for Judicial Seperation

My wife recently cam back to her matrimonial home after 13 months (due to job), and when she came, she just came with 1 pair of clothes and she and her family were trying to mark me down, like cracking jokes on my financial status, and tried to have arguments, on the second instance, i did reacted to their calls and on the very next day, she booked a flight a tried to flee from home, which i came to know on the next day, she has already broken all the contacts with me, when i asked what is the reason of not staying with me, she replied "i just do not want to live with you" and after some time her relatives came and i handed over to them, Now her Parents are trying to blackmail and harass me, Shall i Wait Patiently, or Send her a Judicial Seperation, Also, My Marriage Date is May 01 2020, 90 Days (stayed alltogether) I have never asked for a single penny, instead i was the one who bore all the expenses of my wife, like dresses and accessories for the marriage, I have never hit her, Always fulfilled all her wants and wishes