Interfering in-laws

I am 26 yrs old. My husband and I are childhood friends. We know eachother since 14yrs. We got married in January 2020. It's a love marriage but with everyone's consent. Soon after marriage my sis in law left her husband and came back for good and filed for divorce. She is 36yrs old, unemployed at present and getting maintenance from husband. Divorce will be final around Feb 2021. There's always been a difference of opinion between my mother in law and me. But I never felt threatened. My sister in law and I also had a cordial relation always (we knew each other before marriage). But one day in Sep 2020, she started a fight against my husband and blamed me for influencing him. I couldn't bear it and tried to defend myself. Sis in law and mother in law both started defaming me and father in law was nodding his head in agreement (he didnt speak a word). My husband has always been by my side. My in laws are senior citizens. So my sis in law threatened me in the fight that she'll lodge a complain against me stating I am troubling the in laws by picking up fights, in fact I've never exactly had a fight with my mother in law. I used to point out whenever she was being biased with me or our opinions didn't match. In reply I also told her that I'll file a case against them for ganging up on me and mentally harasing me. And since then I am living at parents place (because my sis in law pressurized me to do so). I've never been truly happy since getting married. My husband is a very good person and supports and understands me. But my mother in law and sis in law are a nightmare. Also sis in law has been asking for share in property (the house we live in). Coming to property. Before my marriage, my father in law sold two properties (none were ancestral properties). Proceeds from one property were made into FDs in both in laws account. And proceeds from another property was put into buying the house we all are living in. Also for buying the house there was shortage of money so my husband took a loan and hence the property had to be registered in my husband's name. He then took a second home loan after 1 year (under same house) for marriage expenses. Now my husband and I want to move out of the house because they want sis in law to live with them. We are asking them to pay the first home loan from their FD so that we can live separately and manage rent and expenses. Even after paying loan from FD they'll have some amount as FD which will give interest of about 15k -20k pm. So mother in law, father in law and sis in law will live in that house. My concern is now after moving out we don't want to give them maintenance. I am employed. Husband is employed. Sis in law has been employed for past 10-15 yrs but unemployed currently after coming here. Also I can't live in fear after separation that my sis in law might again come and say that we left old parents and not paying them so she'll challenge us in court. And can't afford to lose property also.