Husband is playing a game with me

Sir We got married in 2017.My husband has beat me twice since from marriage. Argued in bed room for which he complained to my mother and this had happen many times and said i dont need your daughter, where you want to complaint you can go. After a day we have approached them but my husband told that no dont come i will only inform when to come for discussion. Later after 3months we approached them many times they did not respond. Finally i went to his office but he was not there and informed his colleague to inform my husband and also to make a call to me. I got an opportunity to own a house thought of informing him and buy,there was no response from there side, i have tried many times to approach them in order to take permission to own a house.As there was no reponse i buyed a house. Its been 1year 4 months he has not approached us. We have approached them again this time they have respond saying you have buyed a house but ur husband willl not stay with you in that house, i should only go and stay with him in his concern is due to lack of bonding between us quarrel are going.its very important to have bond between wife and husband but we dont have. If we stay in a house with no laws and others definitely bonding, affection will husband is not at all ready for it. Due to inlaws and other factors we argue, if we stay in our own house we will be happy, but my husband is not ready.Can you please suggest me