Crp 125

Hi Law Team, I got married in last two years ago, we were together for 4 months. Due to her adultery she refused to live with me and took away all my gold ornaments with her too and finally filed the false 498a34adp case on me and 4 family members. Before filing the case they were asking 5 lakhs for settlement and i was ready to give 2 lakhs apart from the gold and silver which she has taken away of mine. Then i got bail after 4 days imprisonment and there onwards we never talk and never know wherehow we are living. After year, she filed two petitions one is for divorce and another is for maintenance: I got crp 125 for maintenance as interim petition from her for 20k per month. (my salary is 24.5k per month but she has represented anyhow 60k is my total earnings which is disgusting and wrong) and also, as per muslim law she is looking for Khula (Divorce) and doesn't want to live with me due to all these happened in our life and she blamed that i would murdered her and i am week in sex. Note: When I have dropped her at hers parent's home at that time she was pregnant of 3 months (I have scan report copy with me). Now they are saying there were no pregnancy and i am week in sex. "isn't she were living with adultery as she was keep on demanding to allow her to stay at her parent's home from day one. (The problem started when i refused to allow her to stay with her parents). In her family there are 3 girls and 3 boys. Concern: Kindly do let me know that, how much I would have to pay to her for interim or maintenance as my salary is 25k p/m. ( I have my father and mother (both are BP/sugar patient and workless) and sister who are totally depended on me). I haven't filed any petition or any complaint or any false allegation in court till now. "What i heard from other people that, they are demanding 10lakhs" to dissolve it.... I would be happy to have a kind human being advice so, that, i can send my petition papers to have proper reply.... "[deleted]" "489a34adp(" ,,,,"489a34adp" at gmail dot com