Podi issue

Dear Sir This is regarding the , land survey and making podi to get individual pahani. My father needs to transfer their land to sons, But now registration department transfer our file to revenue department for survey and making Podi. Now the problem comes with every time surveyor came and survey the land and found many places our proerty goes to relative property(by 1or 2 guntas). If we compromise with one or guntas also our neighbours are not ready to sign the survey documnet. Finally surveyor left with dispute case and file is with survey department since from 3 years. From this issues our father get frustrated and also we are frustrated and bad opinion with government laws. Every time we loosing money to give money to surveyor and paying money in survey department .. I need 100% and immediate solution for this to come out of this. I am requesting you to give best solution and strong solution so that our indian (state) government should do some perfect and fast procedure for common peoples