Owner refusing to return deposit

I have been living in a flat with my brother and friend for a year and 2 months. I have left the premise and handed over the keys as the landlord's new tenants were arriving. She agreed to pay the deposit after we leave. Total amount of the deposit is 50,800. Originally it was 70,000, after deducting half rent i.e. 18000 and rent of one day i.e. 1200. Notice of leaving the flat was through whatsapp messages and phone calls. I left the flat clean and tidy, the owner stays abroad so she had the watchman of the building inspect everything and show her the flat on video calls. I told her we accidentally broke the spring of one of her 3 sofas and one kitchen trolley was damaged. She said she will return 20,000 back and keep the 30,000 for repairs. I did not trust her so I told her I will get everything repaired and want her to send back the whole deposit back. That being said, I arranged for a sofa repair guy and asked him what is to be done. He said the sofas are anyway old and were already damaged and easily look like it's 5-6 years old, getting it repaired will be a loss of total 10000. So I called the owner and asked her to cut the cost of the repair for one sofa I damaged and I took full responsibility of getting her kitchen trolley fixed. Now she got angry and started yelling at me for no reason, and wants me to get all 3 of her sofas repaired, and brought up anything random she could find. She never gave us the remote for her AC and when we asked her for the remote when we moved in, she said she might have taken it with her but on phone call so I don't have proof. Now she refuses to have said that and is saying we damaged her AC by using it without the remote. The AC is working perfectly fine with no issues. everything is cleaner and nicer than she left for us. We have even paid for her fridge and fan repair at times. She is reluctant to pay the deposit until she sees all her 3 sofas repaired, and I am worried if I even get them repaired, she might still not give my deposit back. She was so sweet in the beginning and now she is listing out things that were already damaged when she left. I have given her sofas for repair but I have to pay 10000 advance and when I asked her to send atleast that much, she refused and said she will give full payment after she gets all her stuff fixed. Should I file a lawsuit against her, please help me with this. She is just delaying with the payment and wants us to spend money on all repair. I also have proof that her sofa was already broken when she gave it to me, so now she's saying we should've asked her to take the sofas out before moving in. I don't know what to do so please help!