Job based cheating

A women cheated 13 students by saying that she get job for you all in Mphasis company for that she got the amount of Rupees 100000 for each It happened nearly 1 year. She gave a loan deed for that amount in this loan deed that she return the amount within a year but it almost cross the date. If we ask the amount means she won't response to us.please suggest me what should we want to do? She told that she was an project manager in IBM but her age was 24 only it won't possible that she was an Project Manager in IBM.We don't know how to check it. whenever we ask the money she used local people to skip the, we called an local SI to help us he came with us to the women home and spoke for us. She told that she need a time due to that she gave his father land document within 1 month if we didn't repay the amount means you can take any action against us like that she gave a written statement. But after 1 month complete we ask the money she send an notice to all the student based on some points, 1.The job process was fully based on legal consultant process only there was not any cheating occurred as an first point 2.We already provide an Interview offer to the students but they won't attend it,But officially we didn't received any call or mail for the interview. 3.We use local goons to threaten her for getting the money for afraid of that only she gave his father land document,But we didn't do that. 4.In that amount of 100000 she gave commission of 20% to Martin and Karthick each we don't know who are they all remaining 60% she spend 30% of amount to the expense of arranging the interview and 30% for her commission 5.She can able to return only 50% of amount only for that she need 6 month time but like this she told many time at that time reach means she won't response to us then we go directly means she use local people to skip the meeting 6.If any one of us again come and meet her means then we are going to complaint under criminal activity of threaten her 7.If you gave the land document and all the details only that she gave 50% amount or else she won't gave the money to any of us. These are the points that mentioned in the notice,please any one give a right solution for the notice and what are the steps we need to take to retrieve our money and complaint details also please?