Can I apply petition to fix My Grandfather boundaries for 3.10acres?

Hi Experts, I need your opinions to Survey and fix the boundary stones on my father land. Brief: My father’s agricultural land (Ancestral property) is measured with an area less by 14 cents as against the actual area recorded in my father document /MRO office record. (Due to the neighbor land owners moved their survey stones, fences and house compound by some meters.) For the past 1.8 years, we made several requests (3 times applied for survey & sub division through Meeseva, and petition request to Sub collector through Email/Online petition/Register post for Survey and sub division of my father land. Survey report from MRO & Surveyor (BY official copy): We got survey report by petition request to AP CM from the Mandal surveyor. According to the MRO & surveyor's report, the Mandal deputy surveyor attended for survey that 28/1l with an extent of 0.75acres and measured as per enjoyment of Ryoth and shown boundaries with an extent of 0.61 acres. As 28 / 1l is unable to "survey & sub division" due to with a total extent 8.50 acres as per FMB is not sub divided till to date. The Surveyor stated the following: 1. The rules framed under B.S.O 34(A) Para (b) for division of registered sub-divisions or 2. Survey fields and applications to receive from privates parties or 3. Orders of Revenue officers under splitting of joint pattadars. Thereby all 15 joint pattadars should apply for survey & Sub division in Meeseva center. Survey report from the Mandal Surveyor (By personnel copy): As per old records, The has 4 major Persons. 28/1 Person1 (My Grandfather) “On record: 3Acres 10cents” and “On Ground: 2.87acres” 28/1 Person2: “On Record: 3.0acres” and “On Ground: 3.14acres” 28/1 Person3: “On Record: 1.25acres” and “On Ground:1.25acres” 28/1 Person4: “On Record: 1.15acres” and “On Ground:1.24acres” I bought my grandfather's 1975 document copy and EC copy from the Sub Register office. It contains all the details.(Boundaries - East, West, North and South, which year to buy, and whom to buy from, ECT.,). My questions: 1. Can I apply petition to fix My Grandfather boundaries for 3.10acres? Then 2. Request to my father’s boundaries for, 0.75 acres and fix boundary stones on my land? Thank you, Ganapathy