What if wife leaves last known address and hides her whereabouts to avoid service of summons?

I got married in February 27 2020..My wife left our home on April 13 2020 up on me discovering the fraud they played on us (wife had a love affair with a married man which they have concealed from us and i found that she was still in contact with her boy friend even after our marriage). I got screenshots of her old intimate chats with boy friend and she has accepted in what’s app chat with me that she used to make phone calls to her boy friend even after our marriage.. In the same WhatsApp chat, she even questioned me “Would you have accepted me if I informed my past to you?” Which clearly shows her fraudulent intentions in concealing her love affair from me to marry me. I came to know from one of her relatives that she had intentions to establish me as a cruel person in-front of everyone. Recently they were asking us to accept her back forgiving her intentions.. But i do not believe them at-all as they are not trust worthy.. I know that I will be at a total risk for life if I accept her.. We clearly informed them that we want divorce and requested them to co-operate for Mutual Divorce but they are not at-all favourable regarding same and it looks like they will try their best to avoid annulment process too. Please advice about what options do i have.. We have filed an annulment petition on August 28 2020.. Lawyer gave me a serial no. related to it. But we did not get the File.no. yet.. may be due to covid19. What if my wife purposefully avoids service of summons by leaving her last know address and not inform me about her whereabouts and even change her mobile number ?