Custody of minor kids

I have been married for 5 years. Over a month I had got close to one of my friend. We used to meet over coffee n my husband was aware of this. Slowly I developed feelings for him n confessed I loved him, though he was not sure he would still text love u too n meet me quite often. Last week we had very intimate texts n I also happened to share my personal pictures to him. The next day my husband got to know about the affair n he got my friend to the police station where he said I was the one who was always after him,he was able to prove himself n he left. I have two minor kids my husband let me keep my 1 yr daughter but has my 3 yr old son. He accessed my phone n got all the sex texts n my personal picture that I had shared with my friend. My husband the next day called n asked me to sign a mutual divorce without creating a problem or he will publish my pictures in media n also through acid on my face. I want to know will I get Custody of my kids who r minor. My mother in law is politics n misuses her position by hiring many gundas n blackmailing by saying if I don't do what they say they will throw acid on me. I just want both my minor kids.