The title of the property lies in the name of two different person

Firstly, till date there is a lot of issue being going on with regard to the property we purchased in the year 2004. My own aunt got us a property for a consideration and when we took EC in 2011 we found that the property was a GPA site and that the property was under litigation and the property lies in the name of my mother as well as some unknown Stanger . It says the unknown stranger got the property even before us and after so many chaos now my aunt says the property is in our name and we can sell and there is no case sued and we are free to sell . Don't know what to do and don't know who bears the higher chance to sell the property. Firstly, when googled I am doubting if the property can be in the name of two different people !? Not even blood relation .? What is the best thing to be done . What possibities is available for us . We are ready to bear advocate charges if the property is sold and that he expects a commission out of it .. otherwise worrying about the charges it might incurr.