My husband left me more than ten years ago, can i claim alimony

My husband sent me to my parent s house in 2005 after he had an illegal affair saying that i will come there within two or three months after settling financial s with his working company. but he never came. he is staying with other woman and had a son. at that time my daughter come with me and my son stayed with his father for 3 years. later i brought my son back to me. my husband is continuing relationship with other woman( she is also married ). he has not given money from that time. he has sent all the furniture along with me to made me to trust. now my son had become major and pushing me to file case for divorce and get maintanance. i dont have even primary education. can i file case against him and what are the chances to get maintenance from for the last ten years? i seek financial help for my children studies and their marriage from my husband. my marriage is not registered, i have birth certificates of my children mentioning father s name. are they sufficient. He has properties and living well drawing areount 30 k salary per month.