Tenant neither paying the rent nor evacuating.

What should I do when the tenant is neither paying the rent nor evacuating the house? My house is in my town and because of work I mostly stay out of town. I don't really have anyone to look after the house. Four years ago I signed an agreement with a family and gave them my house on rent. initially, they were paying the rent properly but after some months, they started missing a month, paying half of the rent, claiming they have financial problems. The agreement is renewed every 11 months, but now I'm fed up with all the money dues. they haven't paid for almost the last entire year, already there was a backlog of three months and due to COVID they completely stopped paying. when I tell him (tenant) to pay, he blankly says "I don't have money, how can I pay?" The agreement ends this November, I have already told them to vacate the house, but I'm afraid they will run off without paying the dues. I have heard if I take the matter to court, the tenant can put the "stay order" which will in turn allow them to stay. Currently, I'm out of town, I'm not sure what should I do.