My uncle has the ownership of the land of our house that was built by my father. My father ask my uncle to hibba the full property to my younger brother as my younger brother was getting a loan from a bank. A year later my father died and my brother was the sole owner of the house. A few years later after my brother paid the bank loan in full and transfers 45 percent ownership to me. He hibba 45 percent of the property to me and leave 55 percent ownership with himself. I already accepted the hibba given by my brother. When my mother and 3 sisters find out this they file a case on me that it is inherited property and should be share equally among all of us. Also my father file a case on me that I am liable to her all Living expenses. I am living in UK with my 5 children. My younger brother wrote on a stamp paper that if He sold this house then He will give sisters and mother share out of it from his 55 percent share and that’s why my mother and sister file a case on me that younger brother give written statement and I didn’t. But my point is this is not inherited and it was initially in babar name not in my father name. My uncle hibba it to babar and Babar hibba to me. It’s all accepted and delivered so there is no share for mother and sisters. Secondly I want partion in this house or to sell it which my brother don’t want therefore my brother is supporting my mother and sisters now in their court case and telling me he will transfer back the hibba which is already delivered. I can I come out of this problem. I simply want the house to sell. I want my 45 percent and babar should get his 55 percent. I am not liable to mother and sisters. And I can’t afford my mother expenses the claim she made for her living expenses, bills, etc. I am living abroad.