Software company not returning money paid.

Hi, I have paid 1 Lakh rupees to a software company for applying H1B visa in 2014.They told me that they will refund my money in case visa is rejected. In 2014, They said my visa is not selected in lottery and they have given two options. option -1 : I can take back my money, option - 2 : I can keep my money with them and they will apply my H1B visa next year. I opted for second option. This happened in 2014. In 2015, they asked me to pay one more lakh to apply H1B visa. which I rejected. They are saying that they have applied my H1B visa this year but response was not good when ever I interacted with them. It seems they have not applied my H1B visa this year.Two weeks back when I sent a mail about my visa then they replied saying my visa did not get picked up in the lottery and they are saying they will apply again next year. After that I sent couple of mails saying I want to take back my money. But they are not replying to my mail. Now I realized that they have cheated me. Its a BSE listed company and I transferred the money through online to company account. Some part of the conversation happened through mails and some part of the conversation happened through phone. Could you please let me know whether I can file a legal case against the company? Thanks,