For case of section 420/34,471 and 468 employee name in F.I.R ..

I am chandni malde from thane,maharashtra. i was working in an overseas job consultancy " Neelkanth Overseas " located in Vashi, Navi mumbai. This company did fraud in month of january 2015. where as i had already resigned the job on 5th september 2014. i worked there from 10th april 2014 to 5th september 2014. the clients filed an f.i.r on 19th january 2015. they have included names of employees in f.i.r. my name is also mentioned in f.i.r. under sec 34/420 and later on they added two more sections 468 and 471. right now i have been granted anitcipatory bail on march 2015. also we had signed guarantor in police station and court also. police has submitted chargesheet in court on 3 july 2015 and now next date of hearing in trail court is 14th july 2015. in above case owner of this company is caught by police. I as an employee was working on counselor post. i have all the proof (documents)for the same. 1. Appointment letter on company letter head with signature of proprietor. 2.application of resignation on plain paper dated 27th august 2014. 3.releiving letter given by company on their own letter head with signature of proprietor dated 5th september 2014. 4.copy of my bank account statements from 1st january 2014 upto march 2015. kindly please advice me or show me the way how to release myself as innocent from this case. can i file a discharge application or is there any other way to quash a f.i.r. Thank You. Waiting for your reply ASAP.