Incorrect survey number in one of the sale deed executed on 1992 - parties untraceable

Respected Sir / Madam, I am looking to purchase a property in Chennai and the I have the wrong survey number mentioned in one of the transactions. Below are the details. Original Sale happened in the year 1963 with the Survey Number 126. Second Transaction happened in the year 1992 with Wrong Survey Number 96. This transaction happened through power of attorney (Yet to check the survey number in the POA) Third transaction happened in 2002 with correct Survey number 126. The current owner purchase this land in 2015 and built a house on 2018. Checked the government documents like Patta and Chitta. Everything looks good. The main concern for me here is, After 1992 they should have filed rectification which they didn't. But some how correct Survey number reflects in subsequent deeds. Could you please let me know is it possible to correct the Survey number on the second transaction with out the buyer and seller as they are UNTRACEABLE. Also please provide any references to such cases. Thanks in Advance.