Deny sex from very First night

I had done my marrige in [deleted] since form marrige she had nt done intercuse with me without any reason. she is at my house with me for 58 days but not any single day she allowed me to do sex. i had consult this thing with my parents. she also not behaving with me well and also with my parents. as such she told me that she dont want to merry but her mother and grandpapa had forced him to do marrige with me as my economical condition is strong as well as i am doing good job. After somedays we had called her mom and told that please give sime kind of input to her that how to behave and why she is not doing intercourse with me but my wife also not want to listen her mom and dad, so after that i had put petition in court for Rs. 700000 as we had done unnecessary expence of marrige. the case is going on in court since last 6 month but not any single day they had attend court date so court had closed their feedback right. in between they had put petition against me for 125 cause of maintenance and case is going on but decision is not declared yet. In that 125 order they had written totally fake things gainst me. To prove that if i am totally right following things i want from court to prove my self not in guilty 1.Want to do Narco analysis for my wife so court can given decision for that? 2. In petition they had written that i had done sex with her but till date i had never so can i ask medical physical test which shown i had done sex or not? can court give permission for that test?