Property Manager Issues

So in 2018 we got a house on lease from a property manager. The lease was for 3 years and was supposed to end in May 2021. Everything was fine till Covid struck. All of a sudden in April we started getting calls from our house owner. We had no idea that he and the property manager had a deal wherein the manager was paying rent to the house owner while (probably) having invested our money. Apparently from April onwards the property manager has not been paying rent properly (giving covid as an excuse) and the house owner was after us to either move out or sort it out. We spoke to the property manager's wife (who was handling it on his behalf because apparently he couldn't take the stress of everyone calling him) and she promised to sort it out. Months went by and in July we finally told her to end the lease agreement. She promised to pay us back our lease amount by the end of September. When we contacted her on Sep 28th, she said she was receiving a cheque on 29th and because of holidays in the middle (Oct 2nd), she would pay us on 5th or 6th. I messaged on 1st and asked if the cheque had come through and if things were on track. She said that she would clear the payment on 6th. Well, 6th October has come and gone and there wasn't a whisper of news about our money. We gave them ample time till now to at least let us know if there are any issues. But they didn't get in touch so we called them. Husband and wife have both switched off their phones. Can you suggest what is the best way to handle this?