Evicting a Family Member

I am staying alongwith my family in a rented accommodation which is owned by the landlord, the original tenant was my grandfather. Since there was a suit filed in the small causes court, Mumbai for standard rent, which my father fought and came in his favour. My grandfather expired during pendency of the suit, now my father's sister and her husband continued to reside along with us along with 3 children, 1 married son, one unmarried son, and married daughter. The landlord has transferred the rent receipt in name of my father and my self after we paid him all the pending dues. My aunt and her family did not contribute any money and any amount to wards the said premises. She and her husband later expired leaving behind her children. Her elder son and wife now creates nuisance and does not pay electricity, rent, water charges etc. We had filled a case for Gratuitous Licensee in small causes to evict them from the premises which went into appeal since we did not have sufficient documents to prove the Gratuitous Licensee. When we approach local police they do not entertain mentioning is a civil matter and the same is in court. What process or step we can take to evict them from the said premises, or my father siblings entitled to any share of the premises if it is sold and disposed off. Please advice