My house has no pathways to acess road other than allegd pathway.. We used this pathway since more than 20years for reaching road.. On 2002 our neighbour filed a complaint against us in district court as we were forcefully using part of his property as our pathway... In 2005 order came as we could use the pathway.. They appealed in highcourt on 2005 and case order came on 2008 bt my parents didnt know abt the judgemnt.. We belong to finacially poor group and my parents not went behind that case bcz daily meal was important than the pathway.. We used to walk throught another persons property for the time being to acess road... In 2020, the property is in my name at presnt and want a good pathway for this property.. 1. How can i get the previous judgment 2. From 2002 we were not using the allegd pathway for walkng.. So is possible again to file a case 3. If no what to do next? The easiest and most appropriate acess from my property to near by road is through this allegd property..