work defamation

Hi , I work for a leading BPO in Gurgaon ( Haryana ) and want to file a case of defamation against my company. We work for a US based Telecom service provider and its been more than four years, I have been a part of this company  and I my designation is senior Customer Service Representative. We work in chat process where we require good communication skill in writing. Despite being the number one performer, I am not promoted, instead, I received an insult and defamation at my work premises. I tell you the whole scenario on the basis of which I seek your advice, if my case is strong enough or not. Looking at my yearlong good performance, I was given new batch to train. I did fairly well and received good acknowledge on that but a mass number of management was not keen to promote me. They were looking option to create trouble for me. One day a tenure guy brought an escalation on his writing skill. I too agree that his words were not in context and should have been avoided as he became too friendly with customer without in a chat flow. On being asked he said Shyam Rao has said me to write such things and management without probing this matter detained me from my work as a team support. They blamed me of spreading such kind of writing skills to new talents as well. I asked them to conduct a probe and investigation on new batch if such things being taught and then only decide but they didn’t. The entire floor turned their faces and everybody started gossiping about me. I was left as a joke before the team members as well as the batches whom I taught. I approached higher level but they act like a deaf and no one tends to listen anything about me. I am totally disheartened and dejected and left alone in such situation. The management circulated emails and only highlighted the words and sentences which I was using while dealing with the customers and everybody was told not to use any words suggested by Shyam Rao. Hereby I present some of the words and sentences which were caught illegal Agent: How was the start of your day by the way? Customer : Well. I am doing great, what about you? Agent: My day depends on my girlfriend’s mood.. you know how difficult it is…( This is an objectionable statement when customer is not on friendly mood) I used to write such things on my own chat when I find customer very friendly and I was pretty confident on my chat flow but this agent somehow copied my statement and used it. The irony is that, management knew I was using such statement on my chat and was very good at it but I never said any agent to use such statement. There are written emails where I clearly said these are some personal talks , I am trying to develop on the basis of which we can try and set up a chat flow to the rest of agents. Senior managers and Quality team everyone knew about this but when I was put on role of a team support, I never ever encouraged anyone to develop such skills. Instead I asked management to allow me to address the tenure guys not to follow my statements of copy me because without getting into the flow of chat if such statements were used then it could create a trouble. Manager said no one will use it and I should only concentrate on new batches but once escalation came everybody turned against me. The quality team only trying to highlight my words and statement and circulating emails everyday not to use such sentences . I find myself nowhere in such situation and in this place and am now a matter or joke or gossip for everyone. I am very ashamed to even retain my work and can’t get out of such situation when I see all sentences which was once used by entire floor to gain score  are now are called illegal words. I get you  few more sentences for example: Its amazing to work with people like you who appreciate things and helps ( company name ) Grow! I should say this world should have few more people like you who has the skill of understanding situation with patience! These are my lines and entire floor tends to use this for past more than a year  and everyone ( VAS , Quality and Supervisors) claimed that these are their words and allow agents to use them  but when escalation came everyone pointed it towards me. Now they say these are Shyam Rao wording and they didn’t allow such statements. I know these lines are situational and should be used judiciously while chatting with customers and I don’t have to do anything what they allow to write or not but why I am trapped in between these and why should I work without my dignity. I’m really shattered because of this and ready to leave this company but with a dignity and pride. I need your suggestion and guidelines , if you find these slander and libel proofs will support my cause. I need a fair, straight forward and clear advice on this. Should I file a case of defamation on this and is my case strong?   With regards Shyam Rao