Cheque bounce

In Aurangabad I got aquainted with DR Patil who convinced me and told we should start a Pharma business. He said he already has company by the name SV Laboratory a proprietory company in the name of his wife. He said he will make me and one more person a partner. Myself being a doctor with 20 yr I believed him agreed verbally. Dr Patil suggested veterniary drug on which he had already worked two years and said this product has a good potential. Then without any complete process development Dr Patil made us rush for commercial production.The raw materials were purchased from Max Organics, which was suggested by me. 4 plant batches were taken out of these 3 batches failed and we could manufacture only 100 kg. So SV Laboratory was not in position to pay dues to Max Organics. I shifted back to Thane. Owner of Max Organic, panvel started chasing us for the payment. Dr Patil smartly dodged him and said since I knew him I should manage him. Max Organics has been sending goons to my residence and harassing me for last one year. Then with the help of Shiv Sena Nagar sevak Aurangabad and made me sign an agreement and forcibly took a cheque of 7.0 lacs from me. He deposited the cheque and cheque bounced as I did not have any funds. Now he has filed a 138 case against me and my wife as my wife is a joint account holder. There is no partnership deed nor I am proprietor, I believe in reality this is the liability of SV Laboratory. How can he file a case against my wife who is no way connected with this Please advice what is the best solution