My Brother Not Vacating the property

Hello, I am married and I built a three-story new home for my family to live on, on my own land 2 years ago and after 6 months of building the home, I let my mother and married brother (with family) live there without taking any rent in the ground floor. my brother took care of my mother because my mother didn't allow me to take care of her. my brother is occupying that home till now. He is neither paying rent nor vacating the house. I want to sell the house now but he is not vacating and blackmailing me with my mother's help to go to court by saying I betrayed my mother, forged document, and took the title of the land, which is a false allegation I paid the whole amount of the land and built the three-story with my own money and personal loan also. There is no rental agreement or anything of the sort. He has influenced my mother to frame me some kind of forged property occupier and my mother now blackmailing me to pay her some lacs of amount to get rid of them. I don't want my mother to leave but to stay with me; I want my brother to vacate the ground floor and leave. My questions are- 1.How I can evict him? 2. How I can save myself of any case from my mother and brother that I forged the property document and get rid of him as much as possible. 3. There's now daily quarreled with my wife and my brother's wife and this is affecting both the family. Thanks Raj