What action can be taken for illegal construction in my neighborhood

I am from Varanasi, UP. In my neighborhood a builder is constricting a multistory building (commercial flats). In our gallery side he is constructing on property line and opening wide windows in our galley starting from 1st floor. We asked him to not to open these window but he didn't listen us. he is saying I'll add grill here and this is for light air. No doubt this is wrong. He asked us that If we want to close this we can create a wall from our side to close windows. I registered a complained online from UP jansunvai portal. 3-4 days later JEs came to the construction site and found the construction wrong. probably The builder tried to bribe them but seems that didn't worked that time as the entire constriction was without any sanctioned map. After the JEs left these builder cam to our place and threatened us for raising complaint. They asked us that no house in this colony have a sanctioned map and they will complained about my house now and will demolished it. After few days we received a notice from development authority for our house. It is a old house and we don't have a approved map for it. Though for the online we got a reply that our issue is addressed and a letter was attached referring to nodal officer for jansunvai that proper sections has been logged for the builders and to dispose the grievance. But in reality the builder is continue on some work internally in the building and told us he has links and he will suppressed the matter but we will suffer. In fact the complaint aggravated the situation. The builder receives a notice as well. But we are not sure if action will be taken against him. Since we don't have a sanctioned map we are worried if we should raise the companied again if no action taken in few months. What can be done now from our end.